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Historic Jersey buildings

Woodville, St Peter


The photograph on the left was taken by 19th century society photographer Ernest Baudoux some time in the 1880s. The photograph here shows the house undergoing renovation by the current owners in 2008

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Property name



Rue de La Hague, St Peter

Type of property

19th century country house


There is some confusion over transactions. Woodville was sold for £700,000 in 2002. The present owners have informed us that they purchased the property in a derelict state in 2008 and have restored it to its 19th century state. However, there are transactions on record for 18 October 2019, when Woodville was sold for £1,650,000 and The Glass House for £290,000. A further sale of The Barn, Woodville, Mont des Louanns (which joins Rue de La Hague) for £640,000 in 2020 is also on record

Families associated with the property

  • Chichester: After the Occupation Charles Chichester made a claim under the Channel Islands Rehabilitation Scheme for an estimated loss of £508 at Woodville. He was registered as living at the property in 1941. Also registered there were Horace Wilfred Bexon (1904- ), his wife Hilda Constance, nee Franklin (1910- ) and their daughter Diane Sylvia.

Historic Environment Record entry

Not a listed building and not included in the HER website

Notes and references

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