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Jersey Archive What's your street's story? presentations

Militia gun training

The Esplanade in 1955 (Picture Jersey Evening Post)

In 2008 the Jersey Archive started a series of presentations, sponsored by law firm Appleby's, based on their research into various aspects of family history in the island. The first year featured a number of presentations tracing the ancestry of local celebrities on the lines of the popular BBC Television series Who do You Think you Are?

Marriage, witches, crime etc

In 2009 the Archive concentrated on specific aspects of family history for their second series. These presentations were previously available on the Archive website, but they have either been relocated or removed and our previous links no longer work.

Streets and districts

Since 2010 the series has had the title What's your street's story? featuring a number of streets and districts in Jersey. Articles based on some of the presentations have been included on the Jersey Heritage website from time to time and in different locations, and we were originally invited to provide links to those pages. However, changes to the Jersey Heritage website have meant that those links became broken on more than one occasion. To ensure that articles based on the presentations, which provide an important historical record of many parts of the island, will always be accessible, we have now produced our own edited versions of the presentations, or articles based on them published in the Jersey Evening Post.

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