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The Elms, St Peter may be the house where Sir George de Carteret lived during his childhood. He owned a large tract of land in the area, but it is not entirely clear whether he lived at The Elms or the next farm to the north, Chaumiere du Chene. Historian George Balleine believed that Sir George was born at one or other of these properties.

Both properties passed from the de Carteret family to Jurat Clement Le Montais, who died in 1650, and who had married Sir George's sister Rachel in 1636. Payne's Armorial of Jersey says that Clement's son Elie "purchased from his uncle Sir George Carteret, Bart, an estate at Mont des Vignes in the parish of St Peter on 10 October 1666, which has ever since continued in the possession of his descendants".

The Elms was sold in 1890, some time after the Armorial was published, and again in 1903.


No datestone for The Elms is recorded in the Jersey Datestone Register

Families associated with the property

  • Fleury: In 1941 Ann Fleury, née Le Masurier, (1860- ) was living here with her daughter Edith (1898- ), her son Francis (1900- ), his wife Lilian Lydia, nee Cabot (1909- ) and their daughters Annette Lilian and Mary Cabot Fleury

Historic Environment Record

There is no mention of the house in the HER website and it does not appear in the 2018 almanac. It is possible that it has been demolished, or that the name has been changed, but there is no listed property in Mont des Vignes which appears to match. The property was registered in 1941. There is a property call the Elms in St Peter's Valley, but that appears to be a different house.

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