Sir Randolph Stewart Gresham Nicholson

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Swearing-in of Lieut-Governor Sir Randolph Nicholson in 1953
Sir Gresham and Lady Nicholson in the grounds of Government House

Admiral Sir Gresham Nicholson (1892–1975) was a Royal Navy officer who became Lieut-Governor of Jersey.


He served in World War I with the Harwich Force and took part in the Zeebrugge and Ostend Raids in 1918. After the war he joined the staff at the Royal Navy College, Dartmouth and then became Aide-de-camp to the Governor of Malaya and the Straits Settlements. He was appointed Captain of the aircraft carrier HMS Pegasus in 1935, Captain of the cruiser HMS Curacoa in 1936 and Captain of HMS Somali and Commander of the Tribal Destroyer Flotilla in 1938.

Under his command the Somali took possession of the Hannah Böge, the first prize of World War II at sea, just two hours into the war. He continued his war service as Commander of the Royal Navy Barracks at Chatham and then as Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Eastern Fleet and Flag Officer, Ceylon. After the War he became Admiral Superintendent at HM Dockyard Devonport until he retired in 1950.

In retirement he was Lieut-Governor of Jersey.


This article is taken from the Wikipedia biography of Admiral Nicholson.

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