Sir Edward Gibbs

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Sir Edward Gibbs

Lieutenant General Sir Edward Gibbs (1777-1847) was a British Army officer who became Lieut-Governor of Jersey

Military career

Gibbs took part in the Ferrol Expedition in 1800 during the War of the Second Coalition and in the retreat to Corunna in 1809 during the Peninsular War. He also commanded 2nd Bn of the 62nd Regiment of Foot under the Duke of Wellington, taking part in the Battle of Fuentes de OƱoro in 1811 and the Siege of Ciudad Rodrigo in 1812. He commanded a brigade at the Siege of Badajoz in March 1812 before commanding the 1st Bn of the 52nd Regiment of Foot at the Battle of Vitoria in 1813. He then went to the Netherlands and took part in the bombardment of Antwerp in 1814.

He was appointed Lieut-Governor of Jersey in 1838 and died in office in 1847. He was also Colonel of the 68th Regiment of Foot.


This article is taken from the Wikipedia biography of Sir Edward Gibbs.

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