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Saro Cloud


The Saro Cloud on the beach at West Park

From Flight magazine 17 July 1930

Business journeys by air

The Saro Cloud, the latest product of the Saro Amphibian family, flew recently between Southampton and St Helier, Jersey, for the purpose of a business meeting between the directors of Saunders-Roe, Ltd, and Kirsten and Mace, Ltd. The former company are interested in the operations of the K and M air service from England to (and in the district of) the Channel Islands, where an efficient transport and circular trip service is in regular operation with the Saro Cutty Sark.

The outward journey was made from Southampton to Jersey by the Saro Cloud amphibian in one hour and ten minutes in comfort ; but the return trip occupied about two hours. When the return was to be made a thunderstorm broke with torrential rain and after waiting in vain for a weather report, it was decided to attempt the return journey, the visibility being at first very poor but improving as the journey proceeded.

Gale warnings were flown, for a whole gale was blowing and the occupants of the 'Saro Cloud felt sorry for the steamer passengers they could see below, as the return flight was made at an altitude of only about one hundred feet, and the Isle of Wight coming at last into view was a welcome sight.

The passengers on this occasion were Sir Alliott Verdon-Roe, Mr John Lord, Squadron Leader Underhill, Captain Scott (pilot), the mechanic and a lady passenger, all of whom were impressed with the fine performance of the machine under the worst possible conditions.

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