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Ritz Hotel

The Ritz Hotel was in Colomberie and was demolished and replaced by flats in the 1990s.

The hotel ballroom in the 1950s

House, school and hotel

The Ritz Hotel started life as a private house, then became a school at the end of the 19th century and was turned into a hotel in the 1930s. Photographs in existence of hotel staff and guests in the 1920s, one of which is featured on this page, suggest that the Ritz Hotel had previously operated at different premises. It was commandeered by the Germans during the Occupation, reverting to use as a hotel after the Liberation. It has now been demolished and the site given over to luxury apartments.

It had the unique distinction of being used as an official polling booth for St Helier No 3 District in the 1966 election for Deputies.

The property at 85 Colomberie, which is at the eastern end of this main St Helier artery, opposite the gates of the Howard Davis Park was originally owned by the La Cloche family.

Distinguished old boys

John La Cloche and his wife Jane lived there with their two daughters, and the property was eventually sold to W H Burt in 1985, the former headmaster of St Luke's School, who opened the Jersey High School for Boys which was to provide a good education for a number of future distinguished islanders, among them Sir Daniel Cabot and E A Dorey.

The premises were taken over in 1905 by Charles Spargo, who had previously run the Jersey Modern School in Rouge Bouillon and now transferred it to Colomberie. He was succeeded as headmaster first by W L Clift and then H W Benton, before the school moved to Le Coie Hall in 1929 and the building was converted to a hotel.

Although the frontage remained largely unchanged, after the addition of a reception area, and the school playground was converted to a car park, the building was developed extensively to the rear and at one time had 100 bedrooms, and was the venue for discotheques, club dinners, exhibitions and other social functions, under the ownership of Modern Hotels.


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An advertisement for the ballroom. Admission appears to have cost 3s 4d, including tax, but we have no idea what tax that may have been

1930 hotel brochure

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