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Warden of the Isles 1274
Raoul de Broughton

Raoul de Broughton may have been Warden in 1274

Raoul de Broughton is shown in some lists of Wardens as a lieutenant of Otto de Grandison. However, de Grandison was not appointed Lord of the Isles until 1275 and de Broughton is shown as having been in the islands with Jean Wyger as Royal Commissioners for the Extente of 1274.

It is possible that he returned to the islands in a more senior role during de Grandison's Lordship, because he is sometimes listed as a sub-Warden for Guernsey from 1275-1276.


Raoul (Ralf) de Broughton was the owner of Broughton Manor in Buckingham, his family having taken its name from the village of Broughton.

Robert de Broughton and William his son are mentioned as lords of Broughton in a confirmatory charter of 1151-4. Reference to a later William, probably son of the last-named William, occurs in 1211. He had been succeeded by 1245 by his son Robert, whose son Matthew was in possession in 1276. By 1284 the property had passed to his son Ralf, who was still alive in 1302.

In 1306 Ralf de Broughton the younger, probably his son, and Joan his wife demised to Robert son of the late Ralf de Mangehoo of Marston Moretaine (Bedfordshire), for 20 marks sterling and 2 marks yearly, a good and suitable chamber for him to live in in their court in the vill of Broughton, maintenance in food and drink, and the maintenance of a horse in hay and grass.

Ralf de Broughton died before 1316, when his widow Joan held alone in Broughton. His son Robert levied a fine of lands in the neighbouring parish of Milton Keynes and with his wife Paulina dealt with lands in Crawley in 1327. He is mentioned in connexion with Broughton in 1331.

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