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Private schools


Parlett's Academy

Unknown school 1910
Garrison School, 1919
Miss Frazer's cookery school in Philips Street in 1910

Catholic Schools

Other private schools


West End School, 1913

This photograph purports to show the children at St Matthieu's RC School in 1939. However, the school was only in existence from 1884 to 1919, when the States required all Catholic schools in country parishes to close. It is possible that this is actually a picture of Sunday school children. The school should not be confused with St Matthew's School, which was attached to St Matthew's C of E Church, commonly known as the Glass Church

We don't know anything about Le Coin School in St Ouen except that Florence du Feu was a pupil in 1902 and her family have now given her school books to Jersey Archive

St Ouen's Roman Catholic School

St Ouen's Roman Catholic School existed at the same time as the Parish School, which was attached to the Anglican Church

St Paul's School

St Paul's School became New Street School

Dame school

Pictures of Adele Perredes and her pupils at her dame school at Maison de La Hougue Bie in the 1950s

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