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Morel Farm


Morel Farm is now owned by the National Trust for Jersey, which was gifted it in 1939

Morel Farm


The St Lawrence millennium book says that the Morel family is descended from Nicholas Morel, who came to Jersey in 1572 as a refugee from religious persecution in France and married Marguerite Langlois.

This may be true of the family associated with Morel Farm, but there are other Morels on record in Jersey as early as the mid-15th century, and the first documented record of the name is from 1299.

The passage of Morel Farm down the generations was not without its difficulties, and in 1598 the elder son of Nicolas and Marguerite sued his younger brother over a partage of the property.

Inscribed stones at Morel Farm refer to the Langlois family, rather than the Morels:

  • 1666 RLG - Raulin Langlois
  • MLG - Matthieu Langlois
  • PLG 1716 - Philippe Langlois

The reason for the presence of these stones has not been identified. It is a mystery because the property is known to have passed to successive generations of Morels until it was given to the National Trust by Arthur Morel in 1939.

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Morel Farm
The photographs in this gallery were taken by Jersey photographer Patrick Clarke and are reproduced in an online album in conjunction with the National Trust for Jersey
A carriage is driven into the courtyard in the 1960s
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