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Margery Baker

Margery Baker (1914-1995) was an actress, teacher and television director who was born in Jersey and developed her love of the theatre and acting with the Jersey Green Room Club


Educated at Helvetia High School, where she would later teach, Margery was the daughter of a member of the de Gruchy family and lived with her mother at West Park Avenue, where she ran a boarding house.

At Helvetia School her headmistress, Phyllis Haynes, influenced the development of her theatrical leanings. She acted in many club productions, playing on occasions opposite Terence Dudley, whom she would later marry. The couple moved to Swansea, where she established her own repertory company.

When the development of television affected the theatre she moved to London and worked for ABC Television as a typist, then as an assistant to directors, before being given responsibility for The Sunday Break, a programme which combined jazz and television and featured Acker Bilk and Kenny Ball, among others.

While at ABC she met and married her second husband, Tony Ireson, who had served with the RAF in the Dambusters' Squadron.


She became one of the first directors of the revived This is your life with Thames Television and also worked on Watchdog, The time, the place, and The Grammar of Cooking, for which she won an award in 1966 from the Guild of Television Producers and Directors.

She moved to France in later years and died in Provence at the age of 81.

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