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Magnolia Manor, St Peter


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Property name

Magnolia Manor


Route de l'Aleval, St Peter. 'Five minutes drive from the Airport and eight from town' (providing there's no traffic, presumably).

Type of property

Grand 21st century mansion


  • Sold for £2.5 million in 2012 while in the course of construction

Manor house?

This property is not a manor house - it has just been given that name.

It was finished in 2015 and, although described in an estate agent's blurb in 2021 as having 'pretty much everything one could wish for', it was on the market for several years. It is apparently no longer for sale.

Although the property has no historical value, we have included it here as an example of what can be found in Jersey (and purchased, if you have very deep pockets). Built in the style of a two-storey, five-bay traditional Jersey granite farmhouse, with extensive outbuildings, it will perhaps attain historical significance in a century or two.

Notes and references

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