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Lorina in 1930

Lorina was built in 1918, by Denny Brothers of Dumbarton. She was a twin screw turbine steamer of 1,578 tons, 300 feet in length with a speed of 19 knots

Lorina was commissioned in 1914 as a replacement for Lydia and cost £83,850. She should have been delivered by June 1915, but war intervened and it was first decided to suspend construction work in August 1915, and then, in 1917, to complete the vessel as a troop ship. She was launched in August 1918 and her first 12 months were spent carrying troops across the Channel, after which she was refitted and came to the London and South Western Railway in 1919, the total construction cost having reached £135,971.

Lorina first came to Jersey on 1 April 1920, but did not enter regular service until 1924, when she replaced the Caesarea after she sank off St Helier Harbour in 1923. In 1927 Lorina hit a fishing vessel in Guernsey harbour and one of the fishermen aboard was drowned. In 1935 she struck the La Platte rock, outside St Helier Harbour.

Lorina remained in regular service until 1931, operating after that as a relief and excursion vessel. She was withdrawn from serivce in the Channel Islands in late 1939 and the following year she was sunk at Dunkirk by Luftwaffe aircraft with the loss of eight lives.

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