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Le Sueur cycle shop


Frankie Le Sueur in action

A gushing review of a Jersey business from the pages of The Islander in 1911

We all admire and some of us envy the distinction, talent, or genius, which set certain of our fellow creatures apart, as it were, from the rank and file of humanity. At any rate whilst we are young with the desires of the world yet strong in us, we all aspire to one or another of these distinctions.

Value for money

Messrs Frank and Winter Le Sueur can claim a unique distinction. Beyond a doubt these young men have built up an extraordinary business in a short space of time. Five years ago witnessed these young men opening their shop at Quality House, Halkett Place, with only one boy. Ah, time flies. Oft enough opportunity is another name for hard work. In this case opportunity meant hard work. The brothers Le Sueur realised that to be successful meant straight trading, keen buying, and value for money.

Working on these plans they have gathered around them a sound clientele, and are doing the largest cycle business in the Island. Having viewed their massive stock, we are in the know. We say without fear of contradiction that they hold the largest stocks of cycles and motor cycles in the Island. Amongst the many makes we inspected was included the Triumph Motor Cycle. These machines hold some of the best records in the world for speed, and reliability, and sell on sight.

Another make is the Moto-Reve Lightweight Motor Cycle single 2 hp finished grey, 27 guineas. Gentlemen requiring a genuine lightweight motor cycle can not do better than purchase one of these. By the way, during the past 12 months Le Sueur Bros have sold more Moto-Reve Motor Cycles than all other makes combined in the island. A simple truth, speaking for itself.

Amongst the many makes of ordinary cycles, Triumph, Sunbeam and Le Sueur. A word or two regarding these cycles will no doubt interest our readers. Take the Triumph Cycle: these machines are made in a factory where nothing cheap is made, where no cheap labour is employed, where no inferior material is used. These facts alone will convince our readers that in buying a Triumph Cycle which guarantees enjoyment from its easy running and comfort, it will serve them faithfully on all occasions and under all conditions. The Rover is another favourite among cyclists. The fact of it being Coventry made and the oldest in the trade should be sufficient to the keenest buyers.

Oil bath

Sunbeams with the little oil-bath, England's thoroughbred cycle, have proved by many years experience to be a reliable machine. The little oil-bath has also proved that the Sunbeam’s chains and cogs which have run in it not merely do ot wear out, but actually do not wear. Then we have the Le Sueur Cycle. This machine is made on the premises and seeing it emanates from Quality House, and is built by practical men, this is sufficient in itself to ensure success.

With a staff of 14 workmen and a special motor mechanic, Le Sueur Bros have made a name in the world of two wheels. There are two departments which show how enterprising these gentlemen are.

We deal first with the enamelling department. This is done in a special department and baked in a large oven, after undergoing a rust-preventing proces. Their enamelling cannot be beaten by any other firm in the Channel Islands. Two workmen are kept busy renovating machines under their special process, The rubber room is specially built; not a ray of light is allowed to set on the various rubber goods stocked. Before leaving we endeavoured to persuade Frank Le Sueur to give us in detail some of his records which he has accomplished on the track and road. We were not quite successful, but promise our readers on a future occasion to open our pages to the sportsmen of the Island, and on that occasion will use all means in our power to get Frank Le Sueur to recall all his accomplishments.

We must not forget to mention that the firm also carry on a branch at St Aubin.

The Halkett Place shop

In conclusion we cannot say ‘Go in and win’ because Le Sueur Bros have already won success, brought about by straight dealing, best quality and lowest prices. We might also mention that the firm have a lady assistant on the premises to serve their lady clients if so desired.

We would also draw our readers’ attention to the fact that at the Trades Exhibition at Olympia, the firm which forms the subject of this article has tastefully-arranged stand containing specimens of all the latest things in steeds of metal.

We raise our hats and wish you, Messrs Frank and Winter Le Sueur, long life, prosperity and in fact everything you wish yourselves. You thoroughly deserve it. The Jerseyman recognises you to be in the forefront of local traders, a position which you have gained by your own dogged perserverance and uniformly genial disposition.

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