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Le Câtillon de Haut


Le Catillon de Haut in 1859

Le Catillon de Haut in the late 20th century

As with Le Câtillon de Bas this property was in the ownership of the Amy family for many years. The family have been associated with Grouville since the 15th century, and many members have served the parish in church and lay administrative roles.

The round arch doorway of the main house can be dated to the 16th century, but the cylindrical cross base and cross nearby are reproductions, of no great antiquity.

A building on the right of the courtyard as one faces the house has 1732 ♥ PAM carved on it, probably for Philippe Amy, who married Marie Amy. He was Constable of Grouville from 1700-1719.

The property passed out of the ownership of the Amy family at some time in the 18th or 19th century and was owned in 1849 by Durell Lerrier, Constable of Grouville from 1845-1854 and then Jurat.


The 1881 census shows the occupants of the house as George Ahier (1807- ) a farmer of 39 acres, his wife Marie, nee Laurens (1809- ) and their daughter Jane (1843- ) and sons John (1844- ), Thomas (1850- ), and grandsons Charles Ahier (1864- ) and John Mollet (1870- )

The Ahiers were still here in 1901, with Thomas head of household, married to Emily [1] (1868- ). The couple had no children.

Notes and references

  1. Possibly nee ahier
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