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Historic Jersey buildings

La Porte, Trinity


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Property name

La Porte

Other names

  • Clos de La Porte
  • Le Hurel [1]


Rue de Cambrai, Trinity

Type of property


The property sold for £1,065,000 in 2004

Families associated with the property

  • Maret: Marett family tree
  • Le Vesconte: This property has been in the Le Vesconte family since 1755, having passed by marriage from the Marets. Philippe Le Vesconte married Marie Maret, younger daughter and heiress of Amice Maret (1663- ). Amice's father Jean (1629- ) may be recorded in a shield-shaped relief on the small arch at the entrance


  • IM 1663 - For Jean Maret
  • ICM FB - interior carving, not interpreted but 'ICM' is probably 'ILM' and the 'FB', 'EB' for Josue Le Masurier and Elizabeth Blampied, who married in 1755. Another Josue, and Rachel Blampied, married in 1793 'ILM RB'?

Buildings across the road, now known as Le Hurel but formerly belonging to this property, but not believed to record occupancy of La Porte itself, have the following: [2]

  • 17 ILM ELM 37 - For Josue Le Masurier and Elizabeth Le Masurier, who married in 1722 [3]
  • ILM ELM 1748 - For Jean Le Masurier and Elizabeth Le Masurier, who married in 1742

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

This large 15th/16th century building shows many signs of alterations over the years to the front facade. It retains its proportions, fine stonework, and historic features externally and the corbelled fireplaces internally. The building is shown on the Richmond Map of 1795.

Old Jersey Houses

The greater part of what was a large double entrance arch has now gone. A carved stone let into the wall of an outbuilding has a fleur-de-lys emblem, with the probable initials ICM and FB, but no date. They are high up and much weathered and this interpretation may not be correct.

Notes and references

  1. According to Jersey Datestone Register this is now the name of the property, but La Porte still exists under that name. Le Hurel, as indicated in the datestone section, is a separate property across the road from La Porte
  2. These interpretations are shown the wrong way round in Old Jersey Houses
  3. The datestone register suggests that this stone and the following one are situated at Le Hurel, across the road from La Porte, and previously part of the same property. Our research does not support this assertion
La Porte was the home of Philippe Le Vesconte, eight times Constable of Trinity, who is pictured outside
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