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La Moye School


La Moye School under construction

La Moye School was opened on 23 July 1902 in the presence of the Rector of the Parish of St Brelade, the Rev J A Balleine. It was one of 14 parish-run schools taken over by the States in 1913

The first headmaster was George Boomer, assisted by his wife. There were three classrooms, but such was the demand for places once the States had taken over that there were eight pupils to a desk. The Boomers lived in the house attached to the school.

Mr Boomer was a keen golfer and established La Moye Golf Club.

School log

The school handbook records that the first entry in the school log was:

"Forty eight children were admitted, of whom eight were considered as fit for the third standard and about as many others could read a little and do addition sums. The remainder never having been to school, were quite ignorant and most of them did not understand English. The parents were highly delighted at the opening of a school in their neighbourhood and brought their children clean and tidy."


  • 1902-1915 G Boomer
  • 1915-1927 Miss A Messervy
  • 1927-1940 Mrs B Godfray
  • 1940-1942 R Foote
  • 1942-1952 Mrs B Godfray
  • 1952-1975 C Miller
  • 1975-1991 H Fauvel
  • 1991-1996 Mrs J Gueno
  • 1997-2001 J Speight
  • 2001-2008 Mrs A Taylor
  • 2009- Mrs J Bell-Cook
Pupils in 1912
Girl pupils in 1933
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