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The 2019 opening match at their new grounds from the
Jersey Hockey Club website

Hockey in Jersey took a big step forward in 2019 with the opening
of the Jersey Hockey Club's new clubhouse

Victoria College 1938 team

The 1938 team

These were the members of the Victoria College Hockey XI in 1938. Inevitably most of them were to become participants in the war which would soon break out in Europe, and many lost their lives. In order from left top they were:

  • Mervyn Cole – Farmer at Nuneaton
  • David Hocquard Crill – Doctor
  • Richard Malzard Hogg – Entered Cranwell and was best pilot of term in 1939. Eventually flew spitfires and presumed killed in action over the channel 25 August, 1940 while engaging a raid heading towards Weymouth, with 152 Squadron based at Warmwell, mentioned on the Runnymede memorial. Biography included in a small book A Good Agressive Fighter Pilot by Geoff Simpson. Richard was the son of Commander Philip James Hogg and Kathleen of Gorey
  • Desmon Williams – Awarded Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC). Died 10 October, 1940 age 20 flying with 92 Squadron
  • Denis Nerron Clift – Flying Officer flying Wellingtons, became a Businessman in London, died March 2012, obituary in Victoria College Foundation newsletter November 2012.
  • Leslie Minty (captain) – Lincolnshire Regiment, became employee of Lever Brothers, Plantantion Department in the Belgian Congo.
  • Robin Reis - Radio and gramaphone advertising agent, Canada
  • Harold Reuben Camfield – Sergeant pilot, killed in action 1942 in Holland, grave at Amersfoort. Lost in 150 Squadron flying a Wellington III, during operation to Essen.
  • Allen Ingram – Flight Sergeant, shot down 1940 age 21. 50 Squadron in a Hampden, on operation to Hanover crashing into the sea, Ingram is buried in Haurvig Churchyard.
  • Richard Jouault – First Jerseyman to be awarded the DFC on 1 June 1940 with two others from 220 Squadron: Ronald Nicholas Selley and Hilton Aubrey Haarhoff, Jouault was promoted to flying officer in September 1940. He was captain of one of a flight of three aircraft protecting shipping engaged on the evacuation of the British Expeditionary Force from Dunkerque. On encountering a force of some 40 Junkers 87s, the flight immediately launched an attack. Jouault handled his aircraft with the utmost skill and determination and shot down two of the enemy with his front gun. Also known to have flown a Lockheed Hudson. Killed in training accident collision, buried in Grantham.
  • Gerard Oliver Marcel Massip De Turville – Frenchman, excelled in all traditional sports. Flight Officer, officially listed as killed January 1944 age 22. Shot down by a night fighter in a Halifax of 51 Squadron on 13 Ma, 1943 during an operation to Duisburg, coming down near Jisp, Holland. Wreckage recovered.

By Nicolas Jouault, from his blog. Richard Jouault mentioned in the article was his uncle.

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