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Harleston House


The testimonial for retiring headmaster Walter Philip Skelton

Harleston House School was situated in the house now known as Charleston in Coin Tourgis Sud, St Lawrence

The School was founded and run by Walter Philip Skelton between 1888 and 1934. On his retirement Mr Skelton was presented with a certificate of appreciation by his former pupils. The school was usually known simply as Skelton's.

The school began in a schoolroom near Six Rues and moved in 1889 to larger premises on Rue Rouge Cul. The pupils were all boys, with the exception of Gladys Langlois, the only girl to join.

School started at 9 am and often went on to 6 pm. Lunch was usually sandwiches with cold water from the pump in the yard. A mug was provided; chained to the pump.

The school achieved a high standard and won many prizes from the College of Preceptors. Discipline was enforced with the cane.

A prize book
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