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Historic Jersey buildings

Greenlands, St Peter


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Property name


Other names

  • Greenland
  • Greenland House


Rue de La Presse, St Peter

Type of property

Farmhouse recently divided into flats


  • The barn was sold for £110,000 in 2020
  • Flat 1 sold for £325,000 in 2020
  • Flat 3 sold for £315,000 in 2020

Families associated with the property


PhBL ◊ IVM (or N) EI 1705 which was discovered in one of the barns. The initials would appear to stand for Philippe Balleine and Elizabeth Journeaux, daughter of Aaron and Jeanne, nee Bichard who married in St Mary in 1774 [1]

  • PB 1660 - For Philippe Balleine
  • 1704 PB

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

Historic farm group including house of 17th century origins, which, despite alterations, retains external interest and includes rare vaulted pigsties. A 17th century facade with four chamfered six-piece windows on the first floor unaltered.

Door surround appears to be later and may have replaced an arch. Ground floor windows have been altered.

Ground floor new fireplace incorporates two much older stones. Dower wing has a stone dated 1704, but the wall appears to be a later date.

Shown on the Richmond Map of 1795.

Two-storey, four-bay house with two-storey wing to east. At right angles to the west is two-storey wing and barn. Detached to the north east is two-storey converted barn. Parallel to north are pigsties.

House ground floor windows have been extensively widened. East wing window openings altered, door has straight linteled chamfered surround. Two-storey 1950s flat roofed extension including flat-arched cart entrance.

Old Jersey Houses

Here one notices granite of a very pleasing colour in a 17th century facade, with four chamfered six-piece windows on the first floor, unaltered. The ground floor windows have been much enlarged in recent times.

Notes and references

  1. There is a dispute as to exactly what is engraved on this stone. The Datestone Register insists that it is PhBL IV IV EL 1705 without attempting to explain 'IV IV' and Old Jersey Houses lists it as Ph B ◊ IVN (or M) EI ♥ 1705, and speculates that the stone represents two Philippe Balleines, of whom the former married IVN and latter Elizabeth Journeaux. It is also stated that this is the only datestone to display PH for Philippe. If the drawing from the book, which seems to be an acceptable match of a very unclear photograph in the datestone register, is accurate, then we would support the author's interpretation. 'IV' 'IV' would not only appear to have no possible interpretation, it is something which is not found on any other stone. However, there are no marriage records which support the suggestion that the upper part of the stone represents a Philippe married to IVM
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