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This work is one of a pair entitled Jersey fishermen, but the coast in the background is not in Jersey. it is possibly St Malo in France
Duncan's painting of Mont Orgueil Castle
Fishermen off the Grouville coast of Jersey
One of Jersey's east coast defensive towers with Mont Orgueil in the distance

Edward Duncan 1803-1882

London artist Edward Duncan is most famous for his maritime views, in which he specialised as the result of an early career as an engraver of shipping scenes. His wife, Bertha, was the daughter of maritime painter William Huggins (1820-1884), whose pictures Duncan had engraved.

Starting as a copyist and engraver, he set up his own engraving studio, but later became a marine painter mostly of coastal and harbour subjects, inclding several painted off the coast of Jersey. He also painted landscapes and animals.

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