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Dot Macready


Edythe Amy Fairbairn, born Macready and universally known as 'Dot' was Empire Gold Medallist for high diving in 1933

Dot Macready was born in 1908, the daughter of perfumier and hairdresser Percy Phil Macready, and Edith Gaudin.

Triumphant return from Empire Games

Educated at Convent FCJ, she left school to work at Boots the Chemist, but, along with her sister Molly, she was an enthusiastic member of the Jersey Swimming Club and became an accomplished diver at an early age.

Gold medal

She was quite fearless when diving from the high board at Havre des Pas Pool and won the highboard gold medal at the Empire Games at the newly opened Wembley Pool in August 1933.

She was greeted as a heroine when she returned to Jersey, her aircraft landing on the beach at West Park which then served as the island's airport.

She evacuated from Jersey in June 1940 with her fiancé Bruce Fairbairn. They returned to Jersey after the Occupation and ran a perfumery business in Queen Street. She died in 1994.

A display of gymnastics for the benefit of a press photographer in 1933
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