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Descendants of Jean Gruchy


Gruchy of St Peter

This submitted tree was added by Jerripedia editors in 2023, with the first three generations clearly incorrect. It has been subject to many additions and the top three generations replaced.

There were Gruchys in the parish in the early to mid-17th century. However, most Gruchy entries in the registers are from the mid-18th and 19th centuries, and largely relate to those shown on this page

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  • 1 Jean Gruchy senr. (c1720-1807) (St P) [1] m (1747, St B) Jeanne Le Gros ( -1804) (St P) [2]
    • 2 Elizabeth Gruchy (1749- ) (St P)
    • 2 Jean Gruchy junr. (1754-1822) (St P) [3] m (1774, St Mt) Elizabeth Le Boutillier ( -1827) [4] (St P)
      • 3 Elizabeth Gruchy (1775- ) (St P)
      • 3 Jean Gruchy (1777-by 1851) (St P) [5] m (1818, St H) Charlotte Christy/Le Marinel (1789- ), (St H), daughter of Marie Christy (1767- ) (St H), daughter of Thomas and Marie, nee Fournel [6]
        • 4 Josue Gruchy (1818- ) (St P) [7]
        • 4 Edouard Gruchy (1821-by 1881) (St P) [8] m (1846, St P) Elizabeth Marie Godfray (1828- ) [9]
          • 5 Edouard Godfray Gruchy (1848- ) (St S)
          • 5 Julia Elizabeth Gruchy (1850- ) (St S) [10]
          • 5 Elizabeth Mowatt Gruchy (1854- ) (St S) [11]
          • 5 Louisa Charlotte Gruchy (1858-1858) (St H)
          • 5 John George Gruchy (1860- ) (St S) [12] m (1886, St S) Anne Vasselin (1860- ) (St S) daughter of Jean Baptiste (1808- ) and Julie, nee Vibert (1819- )
            • 6 Edward John Gruchy (1887-1955) (St S) [13] m Annie Bull (1891-1957) [14]
              • 7 Roy Edward Gruchy (1914-1978) St H)
            • 6 John George Gruchy (1893-1952) (St H) [15] m (1920, St S) Alice Madeleine Heywood (1886-1952), daughter of Henry George [16] (St H)
              • 7 Eileen Gruchy (1921- ) (St H)
          • 5 Laura/Louisa? Gruchy (1863- ) (St S) [17]
          • 5 Albert Joseph Machon Gruchy (1866- ) (St Lk) [18] liv. 1871
        • 4 Henry Gruchy (1824- ) (St P) [19] m (1849, St L) Elizabeth Laffoley, daughter of Jean [20] (St L)
          • 5 Elizabeth Mary Ann Gruchy (12/1849- ) (St P)
          • 5 Mary Ann Jane (12/1851- ) (St P)
          • 5 Philip Henry Gruchy (1854- ) [21] m (1892, St H) Laura Jane Hacquoil, daughter of Edward [22] (St O)
            • 6 Philip Henry Gruchy (1893- ) (St H) [23]
            • 6 Ethel May Gruchy (1896- ) (St H)
          • 5 Adelina Gruchy (1858-1858) (St H)
          • 5 Louisa Gruchy (1860- ) (St H)
          • 5 John Thomas Gruchy (1864- ) (St H > S. Afr.) [24] m (1895, Cape Town) Alice Isobel Smithdorf (issue: numerous descendants in the Cape Peninsula)
          • 5 Georgina Gruchy (1866-1866) (St H)
          • 5 Georgina Gruchy (1870- ) (St H) [25]
      • 3 Philippe Gruchy (1780- ) (St P) "son of Jean Gruchy junr." [26]
      • 3 Joseph Gruchy (1782- ) (St P)
      • 3 Francois Gruchy (1784-by 1786) (St P) [27]
      • 3 Francois Gruchy (1786-1807) (St P) [28]</ref> m (1806, St B) Elizabeth Piton (St B)
      • 3 Marie Gruchy (1789- ) (St P)
      • 3 Edouard Gruchy (1792- ) (St P)
    • 2 Philippe Gruchy (1754-1807) (St P) [29]
    • 2 Jeanne Gruchy (1754- ) (St P) twin
    • 2 Douce Gruchy (1757- ) (St P) [30]

Notes and references

  1. This may not have been his parish of origin. There is no apparent St Peter baptism that could match his likely date of birth. He may have originated in St John, but this has yet to be proved
  2. Buried as the "wife of Jean Gruchy senr." Her living husband will have been the Jean buried in 1807
  3. Son of Jean Gruchy senr. of St Peter, and Jeanne Le Gros, his wife
  4. Buried as the widow of Jean Gruchy
  5. His occupation was described as "Couvreur [en] Paille" or Upholsterer in 1846, at his son Edouard`s marriage, and as Day Labourer in 1849, at that of his son Henry. Jean, previously shown as Jean David, was married and presented children in baptism as Jean. He also appears in censuses as Jean. On marrying, his parish was given as St Peter
  6. Charlotte had no doubt eventually been told that her father was a Le Marinel. She was a widow in 1851
  7. His mother`s maiden name was given as Christin. Christy was probably misheard
  8. Carpenter, living in 1841 in Beaumont Village, St Peter, with his mother Charlotte, a charwoman. In 1871, he lived with his young family at 9, Rosemount Cottages, St Saviour
  9. Dressmaker and in 1881 a Milliner, living at 64, King Street, St Helier (census)
  10. Milliner in 1881
  11. Her name was heard as "Alice M. Gruchy" by the 1881 census enumerator, which was clearly his error. She was then a Milliner, with her mother and sister
  12. Ship`s Carpenter
  13. Plumber's apprentice, later engine fitter
  14. Domestic servant
  15. Paperhanger and Painter. He volunteered in 1915 for the Army and served in WW1 as a Private, Wiltshire Regiment, and latterly in the Dorset Regiment. His Theatre of War was the Balkans. His address in 1915, was 7, Poonah Road, St Helier, where his parents were living in 1901. His enrolment papers reveal that he had previous military experience, having been serving in the Royal Jersey Militia. He was awarded the 1915 Star, British War Medal and Victory Medal: UK, British Army World War 1 Service Record Cards, 1914-1920 and UK, British Army World War 1 Medal Rolls Index Cards, 1914020, at
  16. Plasterer
  17. The baptism of Laura has not been found. However, she features with her siblings in the 1871 census, from which her date of birth has been estimated. There was a Louisa Charlotte born 14/7/1863 to her parents, who was baptised in St Saviour. They are probably one and the same person
  18. Wrongly written down as "Alfred" by the enumerator of the 1871 census
  19. On marriage in 1849, Henri was described as Farmer, of St Peter, and his father Jean, as a Day Labourer. In 1854 and 1864, Henri was a Seaman
  20. Seafarer
  21. Printer, at Bigwood`s
  22. Farmer
  23. Served in WW1 as Private, Wiltshire Regiment, then Somerset Light Infantry. Became a printer, like his father, at Bigwood`s, living in Jersey during the Occupation: Author of Occupied Thoughts
  24. settled in Cape Town by 1895. Adopted the surname de Gruchy. Dr Z.A. de Beer and Mrs M.J. de Beer, in The de Gruchys of South Africa (1996), 130, state that "for many decades there have been confusions about the relationship between the two de Gruchy families in the Cape Peninsula. This confusion arose after John Thomas Gruchy adopted the surname de Gruchy and registered the surname of his children as "de" Gruchy....We are able to confirm...that the descendants of John Thomas are not related and are distinct from any descendant or traceable ancestor of Jean de Gruchy of Jersey (baptised in 1820) and Caroline de Quetteville (born 1820)". See, also, Descendants of Philippe de Gruchy and Jeanne Richardson
  25. Probably the Georgina Edith Gruchy who witnessed the 1892 wedding of Philip Henry Gruchy
  26. Godparents: Jean Gruchy senr. and Jeanne Le Gros, his wife
  27. Godparents: Me Nicolas Le Gros and Mse Marie Hubert, his wife. The couple feature several times as godparents, including among the descendants of Jean Gruchy and Charlotte Christy/Le Marinel, his wife
  28. "Son of Jean Gruchy junr. and Elizabeth Le Boutillier, his wife." He had the same godparents as Francois in 1784. His Will, dated 1806 and proved in 1807, provides 4 sols for each of his brothers and sisters, with the remainder to his wife, Elizabeth Piton: D/Y/A/17/54, at Jersey Archive
  29. Ill-health clearly hit at the same time both generations 1 and 2, who were doubtless living under the same roof. Jean (gen.1) was buried 16/1/1807 and eight days later Philippe (gen. 2) was buried. Jean senr.`s grandson, Francois (gen. 3) followed seven months later: "Francois Gruchy, son of Jean"
  30. Godparents, which may or may not be relevant, were Le Brun and his wife, Le Cras
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