Countess of Liverpool

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Countess of Liverpool

22 January 1814 saw the maiden voyage to the Channel Islands of the packet Countess of Liverpool, under the command of Captain Robert White, who was also the owner

The vessel was of 104 tons and had a crew of nine, including the captain.

In 1819 the Countess of Liverpool rescued the crew of the Courier, a sailing vessel from Rio, which was foundering off the Islands.

After 1826 when the Hinchinbrook and Francis Freeling were wrecked, the Countess of Liverpool carried the mails alone between Weymouth and the Channel Islands for about a year until the advent of the first steam packet in 1827. She was eventually bought by the Post Office from Captain Robert While, the owner, for £1,677 14s 8d and resold by them in 1827.

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