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Chief Minister


The current Chief Minister, Deputy Kristina Moore

The Chief Minister is the head of government in Jersey, elected by secret ballot in the States

The post was created by reforms at the beginning of the 21st century to change the machinery of government from a system of committees to a Council of Ministers under a Chief Minister.


The first Chief Minister of Jersey was elected to head the Council of Ministers on 5 December 2005 following the triennial elections.

Two candidates were nominated on 1 December 2005:

In a ballot on Monday, 5 December, the States elected Senator Walker to be the first Chief Minister, with 38 votes to Senator Syvret's 14.


Senator Terry Le Sueur was elected Chief Minister on 8 December 2008 following the election.

The States voted for Senator Le Sueur with 36 votes. His challenger, Senator Alan Breckon, received 17 votes.


The next Chief Minister, elected on 14 November 2011 following the general election, was Senator Ian Gorst. He defeated former Bailiff, Senator Sir Philip Bailhache by 27 votes to 24. Senator Gorst was re-elected unopposed after the 2014 general election, in which he topped the poll.


Senator Gorst was followed by Sewnator John Le Fondre, who served a four-year term before failing in his bid to be re-elected to the States in 2022


The new Chief Minister appointed in July 2022 is Deputy Kristina Moore

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