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Historic Jersey buildings

Chatelet de Parville, St Helier


This unusual town centre house was built in St Helier by a builder, to live in and to showcase his skills

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The interior of the house in 1900

Property name

Chatelet de Parville

Other names

Le Chatelet


24 Victoria Street, St Helier

Type of property

Town house, now divided into apartments


The property was sold for £500,000 in 2007

Families associated with the property

  • Le Mottee: The builder of the house, Adolphus Frederick Le Mottee, was still living there in 1901 when his will was registered. He married Mary Ann Copp, but the couple had no children
  • Horman: Sydney Horman (1880- ) was living here in 1941 with his wife Renee, nee Le Comte (1893- ), their children Oscar, Sydney John, Zena and Doreen, and Renee's mother Annitte Masson Le Comte

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

Outstanding example of Jersey's ornate late Victorian Gothic style, using high quality materials and workmanship to showcase the builder owner's craft skills and taste. Many original features survive. Additional significance as it forms part of a pair with the adjacent large workshop, both erected by and for the builder's own use.

Le Chatelet is a small Victorian extravaganza, built in 1893 by Adolphus Frederick Le Mottee, builder, for his own use (and self-advertisement).

Detached, two-storey and attic, two- bay. Tiled roof with fleur-de-lis pattern terracotta crestings, granite chimney stack on east side with spiral pattern chimney pots.

Rare example of large artisan's workshop in ornate builder's Gothic style using high quality materials and workmanship. Many exterior features survive.

Notes and references

1901 census record
Le Chatelet is in the foreground of this early-20th century postcard
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