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Charles Messervy

Charles Messervy (1849-1925) was a Colonial Office official and later an architect

Early years

Charles was the son of George Messervy of Mont Cantel, Rouge Bouillon, and Charlotte Augusta Louisa Bolt, born in St Helier on 27 August 1849.

He was educated at Victoria College. While still at school he won a £5 prize offered by the States for the best design for the College gates. He worked at the bench in his uncle's shipyard at Gorey, and then entered the office of Philip Bree, States Architect.


On passing into the Civil Service he was sent to the West Indies, where his appointments were: Assistant Colonial Engineer, Lagos 1870; Assistant Superintendent of Public Works, Barbados 1881; Director of Public Works, Grenada and Windward Islands 1883; Member of the Legislative Council, Grenada 1891; Justice of the Peace for St Lucia and Member of the Legislative Council 1895; Commissioner and Justice of the Peace for the Falkland Islands 1898.

On retiring from the Service he returned to Jersey and opened an office in St Helier. He was one of the architects responsible for the restoration of Trinity Manor.

In 1918 loss of sight compelled him to retire from business. He died at St Ouen in 1925.

He had married Emilie de Faye in 1875. They had nine children.

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