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Traditionally centeniers and other Honorary Policemen wore plain clothes and carried a baton de justice (above) to confirm their authority, but today they are clearly identifiable as policemen when on duty

The senior rank in the Honorary Police of each parish in Jersey

The work of the Honorary Police continued during the German Occupation and the island's centeniers posed for a group photograph in 1943. Back row: T H Brée (Grouville) F T Le Marquand (Trinity) C E Cabot (Trinity) J R Le Quesne (St Clement) E P Le Boutillier (St Clement) B Le Maistre (St Mary) E P Syvret (St Mary) W Le L Egré (St Peter) T G Le Cappelain (St Peter); middle row: C Le Huquet (Grouville) E G Pipon (St Lawrence) E R Le Cornu (St Lawrence) P Le Vescounte (St John) T G Le Marinel (St John) G J Mourant (St Saviour) H C Garden (St Saviour) C P Journeaux (St Martin) C G Pallot (St Martin) F P Coutanche (St Ouen); front row: P D Laurie (St Helier) J de G Le Brun (St Helier) S E Pirouet (St Helier) H E Rossignol (President) (St Brelade) H H Morrison (Secretary) (St Brelade) H Le F Grant (St Helier) A E A Tostevin (St Helier) J Vautier (St Ouen)

Originally, like Anglo-Saxon 'Hundredmen', Centeniers were responsible for the behaviour of about a hundred families. Now they are elected for three years by all parishioners. Although the senior Centenier in each parish, known as Chef de Police used to take the Constable's place in the States of Jersey if he was unable to attend, this role has been discontinued.

Term of office

Centeniers are elected for a term of three years at a public election within the Parish. In addition to general policing matters, the Centenier remains the only officer entitled to charge and bail offenders. The Centenier presides at Parish Hall inquiries, prefers charges at Police Headquarters and acts as prosecuting officer before the Magistrate's Court.

Oath of office

You swear and promise before God that you will well and faithfully discharge the duties and office of Centenier of the Parish of..............…; you shall keep and cause to be kept the Queen's Peace; opposing and arresting all those who attempt or commit all manner of crime, délit or contravention, of whom you shall inform the Connétable, in order that they be brought to judgement to be punished according to their misdeeds, abiding in this respect by the directions of Her Majesty's Attorney-General; you will protect and uphold to the best of your ability the rights appertaining to the said Parish, and as touching the public welfare thereof, you will be guided by the advice and counsel of the principals, of the Connétable and other officers of the said Parish; you will assist the Connétable to convene the said officers regularly, and convene them yourself should he require you to do so to attend as necessary to the affairs of the Parish; you will execute the lawful orders of the Lieut-Governor, of the Bailiff, of his Deputy and of the Judges and Jurats of the Royal Court, and all this and your bounden duty you promise upon your conscience to perform.

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