Captain Touzel

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Captain Touzel

By Rebecca Ransom

My great-grandfather was Captain of the Tyridail and later the Huntsend. He had two children, my grandmother Beryl and a also a son, George.

George joined the merchant navy at the age of 16 also on the Tyridail, my great-grandfather transferred him to another ship to enable him to be promoted, I can’t remember the name of that ship, unfortunately it was one of the floating coffins that ended up carrying the flu epidemic, so young George was dead by the time he was 19.

They lived in Jersey in Samares, St Clement, as did other relatives also called Touzel. Most of the family were involved in shipping in some way and were heavily involved in the ‘Cod Triangle’ that involved cod fishing in Newfoundland, shipping that to the Cape and goods from the Cape to Britain and Jersey. Jersey was at that time a major producer of boats and ships with many ship yards.

The Touzel name is not as well distributed as it was, partly due to immigration, partly due there being mainly girls left in Jersey after the world wars. Being in shipping meant they were seconded in the First World War.

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