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The first hillclimb was held in 1920 when the road surface was concrete and the club had just been formed at a meeting attended by seven people - From the Jersey Motor Cycle and Light Car Club website

This photograph is believed to show a competitor in the inaugural event in 1920


Today the club organises four hillclimbs a year and has a membership in excess of 500. Many different venues were used in the early years but Bouley Bay remained the favourite for competitors and spectators alike. The idyllic setting on Jersey’s north coast, with the French coastline visible on a clear day, is unsurpassed for its atmosphere and spectacle in British hillclimbing. The hillclimbs stopped briefly during the German Occupation but the club was quick to start again, by organising an international event in 1946. The following year Bouley Bay was one of only five venues in the inaugural British Hillclimb Championship and has held championship events ever since. Jersey Evening Post reports from the 1950s remark on regular crowd attendance’s in excess of 7,000

The original course was 1065 yards in length, but this was reduced to the current 1011 in 1949. Demanding, technical and challenging are just a few of the descriptions used by the UK competitors who visit each year for the British National Hillclimb championship. Unlike many UK events the JMC and LCC hillclimbs are open to all types of machinery from cars to sidecars and motorbikes to karts; all are welcome to entertain the crowds. With its mixture of blind bends through high banked tree lined corners to the tight hairpins towards the top, Bouley Bay has everything to challenge the best in the business. For spectators the high banks above the top half of the hill are a natural amphitheatre looking down the hill as the competitors race up.


An Evening Post photograph of the 1946 event
A page of pictures of the hill climb from the Trinity parish magazine Trinity Tattler


These pictures are taken from a cine film of the 1969 national event

Competitors assembled at the bottom of the hill before a 21st century event
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