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Bel Royal Radio


Bel Royal Radio's 'outside broadcast' van at the side of the commentary tower at a St Ouen's Bay sand race meeting

Bel Royal Radio was started in 1928 as a partnership of Mr Stanley Gilley and Mr P Le Marquand, specialising in radios and public address equipment. They were then based at Bel Royal in a corner of Le Marquand's Garage, which traded as Bel Royal Motors.

This 1968 photograph shows Bel Royal Radio to the left of the old Amyson building in Halkett Place
The shop on the corner of Halkett Place and Hilgrove Street

The business grew and soon moved to a shop at Charing Cross, St Aubin, where Mr Gilley became sole proprietor when his partner decided to concentrate on the family garage.

In 1933 a new shop was opened at 30 Burrard Street and Mr Gilley's wife joined the business to take charge of the accounts.

Mr Gilley was evacuated a week before the start of the German Occupation in 1940 and went to work for aviation electronics specialist BTH Company in Rugby. The Jersey shop continued to trade under the supervision of a manager, but was in a sorry state when Mr Gilley returned in 1945.

However, business soon picked up and a move to Halkett Place premises previously occupied by a bakery and fishmonger provided the space and the high street position necessary for major expansion. The company began to diversify into records, car radios and household appliances.

An important aspect of Bel Royal Radio's activities was the provision of public address systems for major outdoor events and Mr Gilley was regularly to be seen setting up his equipment at sand race meetings and other such events.

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