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Arthur Woodland Toms


Arthur Woodland Toms, second son of F W Toms, of 1 Claremont Terrace, was born on 25 April 1891. He entered Victoria College in 1900 and left in 1910. He was in the Shooting VIII for three years and in the Football XI for four, being vice-captain of football in his last two years. He joined the 3rd Devons (Special Reserve) in February 1912, and was promoted Lieutenant in February 1914. Three days before the war broke out he received the offer of an appointment in West Africa from the Colonial Office.

From 4 August he was on garrison duty in England until he was attached to the 2nd Scottish Rifles (Cameronians) early in October. He was killed on 27 November 1914 while serving with the Expeditionary Force on the borders of Flanders, and is buried in the cemetery at Estaires.

His commanding officer wrote:”He was a great favourite in the Regiment and a most capable officer”.

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