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Arthur Hamptonne Barreau

An accomplished artist in his youth, Arthur Hamptonne Barreau (1879-1922) died at the age of 43 from lung problems contracted during war service in India and is best known for the gallery at Jersey Museum, endowed and named in his honour by his aunt, Emmeline Augusta Barreau

The son of Francis Hamptonne Barreau and Eleanor Darley, Arthur Hamptonne Barreau was born in London on 8 October 1879 and educated at Parlett's Collegiate School and Victoria College.

He studied art under T Larbalestier and then in the Royal Academy Schools. In May 1917 he joined the 3rd Hants Regiment and was sent to India.

Most of his time there was spent in Hospital, for he contracted lung trouble. From this he never recovered, and he died in Jersey on 7 February 1922.

Examples of his work hang in the Barreau Le Maistre art gallery which was presented to the Societe Jersiaise in his memory by his aunt, Miss Emmeline Augusta Barreau, together with an endowment of £5,000 for the purchase of additional pictures and £2,000 to found a Barreau Art Scholarship to help local art students in their studies at any recognized art school.

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