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On 29 August 1821 there appeared in the columns of the Gazette de Lisle a notice to the effect that : 'A public meeting will be held at the British Hotel in St Helier, of subscribers to a steam vessel. The subscription book is at Mr Robert Collyers'

Three-masted paddle steamer

The exact outcome of this meeting is unknown but in 1824 the Ariadne was built. A three-masted paddle steamer by William Evans of Rotherhythe, carvel built and copper bottomed, she was of 132 tons, 117ft in length and had two engines developing 72 hp.

Ariadne was commanded by J Bazin (a famous Guernsey captain), her first trip to Jersey being made on 29 May 1824. The name of the company that financed her building is unknown but some of the shareholders were Philip Nicolle jnr - two shares, Philip Winter Nicolle - one share, John Benest - one share, and John Bazin, the vessel's commander - one share. The other 25 shares were owned by 25 Southampton merchants.

The Customs Register shows that by 1836 Ariadne was owned by the South of England Steam Packet Company and she was broken up in 1852.

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