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Bisson family album

This is an album of photographs of Bissons and related families, including Jerripedia editor Mike Bisson, his parents, grandparents and other ancestors.

It provides a fascinating insight into life in Jersey over a century from 1860 to 1960, to changes in fashion and lifestyle.

Other Jerripedia users are invited to contribute family photographs to help bring to life the pages of family history information and the history of the island as a whole.

If you have images that you can offer, please email editorial@jerripedia.org to make arrangements to supply the pictures and have them uploaded.

Mike Bisson's great-grandfather John Chevalier Bisson c1870, a tailor whose wife ran a fruit and vegetable shop at Charing Cross

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Ruth Rimington’s grand 21st birthday party in November 1938
Mike Bisson in a fruit box with his father in 1951
Siblings Marjorie, Basil and Roy Bisson
The first photograph of Jerripedia editor Mike Bisson in 1949

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