1821 Jurats election

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1821 Jurat election:

Result challenged

On 22 July 1821 and election was held to choose a Jurat to replace the late Philippe Robin



Following the election George Bertram made a remonstrance to the Court to oppose the swearing in of the winner. He alleged that the Court "in ordering the election by Act of 20 July, had made a political order which prevented many people from voting - contrary to an Order in Council of 28 March 1771 - in prescribing that the Constables produce their parochial rate lists at the time of the election, in order that only those people on the list were allowed to vote "

Mr Bertram also complained that there were many among the voters who were not heads of family and that Mr Durell had used gifts, menaces and promises; in addition Jurats de Ste Croix and d'Auvergne were brothers-in-law of Mr Durell.


Several days later Mr Durell issued a counter-remonstrance alleging that two other Jurats, Jean Poingdestre and Philippe de Carteret were brothers-in-law of Mr Bertram and that Jurat Philippe Raoul Lempriere was nephew of Jurat Poingdestre; further alleging irregularities and even violence during the elections at St Martin, even at the Church gates and surrounding area.

Attempted withdrawl of winner

The affair dragged on. On 2 November 1822 Mr Durell having demanded to be received by the Court abandoned his claim to be Jurat, but the Court ruled that it could not allow this because it was obligatory if he had been elected. The Court could no more swear in Mr Bertram, on his demand, because there had been a clear majority in favour of Mr Durell. The question was submitted to the Privy Council.

Council ruling

Finally by Order of 17 February 1823 the Privy Council ordered the Court to swear in Mr Bertram, but when the Order was presented to the Court on 5 March it refused to register it and sent further documents to the Privy Council concerning the election. Some days later the Councillors notified the Lieut-Bailiff that to avoid the inconvenience of a prolonged delay, they advised him to summon the Court as quickly as possible to register the Order in question and swear in Mr Bertram, which happened on 18 March

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