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South Western II in 1904

The second South Western on the Channel Island routes was built for the London and South Western Railway by J and W Dudgeon, of Blackwall, in 1874. She was of 657 tons, an iron single screw steamer.

Name change

She was built for the Jersey-St Malo service and was to have been named Jersey as a larger version of the Guernsey. Her maiden voyage to Jersey was on 30 March 1875, and she continued on the mail run for a period before switching, as intended, to St Malo.

In later years she was too small to operate summer services and gave way to larger vessels, returning to the route in winter. She returned to the mail service in the early part of World War One.

She had a somewhat eventful career, colliding with a Norwegian barque in 1881, and damaged in collision with Bay Fisher in 1893. She was finally sunk on 16 March 1918 when torpedoed off the Isle of Wight, with the loss of 25 of the 31 crew.

South Western was the first of the company's ships to have radio, as an experiment, in December 1910, when on the Southampton-Cherbourg run.

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