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Oyster boats at Gorey
  • Oysters – By an Act of the States of 1 February 1830, and sanctioned by his Majesty in Council: It is forbidden to introduce into this Island, to take or buy, any oysters from any port in France or from any subject of the King of France, on the pain of confiscation of the vessel; a penalty of 1,000 livres, (£41 13s 4d) for every person or accomplice, or six months imprisonment from the date of the condemnation in the public jail.
  • The fishing season to commence on 1 October and to finish on 20 May, after which any vessel fishing for or having oysters, the said oysters shall be confiscated, and a penalty of 200 livres (£8 6s 8d) levied on the vessel, and double that amount for the second offence
  • The fishermen shall be obliged to take the oysters from the beds, not to bring any for sale unless 2 inches and a half diameter; oysters that are not this size shall be thrown into the sea, under a penalty of a sum not exceeding 100 livres. To carry the oysters where the Harbour Master of Mont Orgueil directs.
  • Those who act contrary to the third article and small oysters are found on the parks, after the discharge of the fishing boats, the merchants who occupy those parks, will be obliged to lay them one side in a heap on each park in the first tide, under a penalty of 50 livres. The Harbour Master will remove them at the public expence.
  • It is forbidden to throw stones on the park, or any thing that can injure the trade, under a penalty of 100 livres.
  • The Oyster Fishery is forbidden on the new Banks that have been formed by the Committee of the Harbours under a penalty of 200 livres or double penalty on a second offence; the States shall alter this edict when they consider it to the interest of the fishery.
  • It is forbidden to take away or remove any stones that for the parks established on the coast of this Island, or to remove the marks under the penalty of 100 livres.
  • The measure to regulate the sale of oysters shall be in the form of a cone, having 22 inches in diameter at the bottom, and 19 inches at top; to contain 56 pots and marked by the Viscount; no other to be used under a penalty of 10 livres, to buyer or seller.
  • The fines are in money according to the order of the King; one third to his Majesty, and a quarter to the informer. Persons unable to pay such fine shall be imprisoned not less than one month mor more than six from the date of the condemnation.
  • The Harbour Master of Mont Orgueil, the Constable, Centenier and other police officers of the parish of St Martin, shall watch specially the execution of the present regulations.
  • All infractions of these rules shall be regularly prosecuted before the Royal Court, when summoned, at the instance of the Attorney-General in or out of term
  • By a subsequent Act, no person is allowed to dredge in the Bays of Grouville and St Martin between 27 August and 1 February, under forfeiture of £12 10s.
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